Tornado Trucks have a wide range of Hydrovac Excavation Trucks available for sale, lease or rent across Baton Rouge, LA. Constantly relied upon across a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to agricultural, mining and construction to building, our trucks are well-known across all industries for being a time saving, efficient and high-performing vehicle, and the best on the market.

Hydro Excavation Trucks use high-pressure water jets and a powerful vacuum system, to quickly excavate all types of fill and soil. The soil and fill is then stored in a high-capacity tank on the back of the vehicle, leaving the worksite/excavated area neat, with no spoils to manage or clean up. When compared to other competitor’s models, this is just one example of how our range of Hydrovac trucks in Baton Rouge, LA, can help to not only improve safety, but enhance productivity on the worksite. Our Tornado Global Hydrovac Excavation trucks are among the best in the industry, worldwide and have consistently provided clients in Baton Rouge and throughout LA with high-performing equipment.

With equipment weights between 8-15,000lbs less than our competitors, our ECO-LITE series of Hydrovac Excavation trucks offer clients in Baton Rouge the very best in hydrovac varieties. This also means our Hydrovac Trucks provide a greater flexibility and capability on the job site, combined with lower operation costs, allowing your project to stay on time and on budget. Whether you purchase, lease or rent our impressive equipment, Tornado Global Hydrovacs provide you with proven reliability and enhanced capacity, which in turn will save you both money and time.

Our Hydrovac Excavation Trucks are employed and used in an extensive range of excavation roles in and around Baton Rouge, LA. In particular, those roles with the need to safely expose sensitive underground infrastructure, such as gas, power and communications. At Tornado Trucks, our Hydrovac Trucks are high-performing and can quickly remove the surrounding soils and whilst neatly exposing the necessary groundwork. Which in turn, makes Tornado Global Hydrovac Trucks an asset to a variety of industries in Baton Rouge, including and not limited to the following:

  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture

The outstanding high performance, reliability and safety provided by our range of Tornado Global Hydrovac Trucks, has made them an unbeatable choice to businesses in these industries, and many others located throughout Baton Rouge, LA and across North America.

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Interested in purchasing, renting or leasing a Hydrovac Excavation Truck in Baton Rouge, LA? No matter the type of Hydrovac Truck you’re after, Tornado Trucks have a wide range of new models to choose from and our team can help you find the right hydrovac truck to suit your project needs and specific budget.

Our team have a reputation for providing unbeatable customer service and expert knowledge when it comes to all things Hydrovac Trucks – so you’ll have faith in knowing no question will go unanswered, whether you’re wanting to lease, rent or buy.

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