At Tornado Trucks, our expert team specialize in renting, selling and leasing an extensive range of brand new, high-quality Hydrovac Excavation Trucks throughout Casper, WY. All of our advanced Hydrovac trucks are available in a new, immaculate condition, and are easily one of the most efficient and reliable trucks across a variety of leading industries in Casper, including the construction, agricultural, mining and building industries.

Our high-performance Hydro Excavation Trucks employ high-pressure water jets in conjunction with a powerful vacuum system, to quickly excavate all varieties of soil and fill. The soil and fill is then stored in high-capacity tank located on the back of the truck, leaving the excavated area neat and all exposed infrastructure intact, with no spoils to manage on site. When compared to other competitor’s models on the market, this is just one example of how our wide range of Hydrovac trucks right here in Casper, WY help to  improve safety and enhance productivity on the work site. Our Tornado Global Hydrovac Trucks are easily among the best in the industry, worldwide and have consistently provided clients located across the state and throughout North America with high-performing equipment suitable for a range of projects.

Our advanced Hydrovac Excavation Trucks are employed and used in an extensive range of excavation roles throughout Casper. In particular, roles with the need to safely expose sensitive underground infrastructure, such as gas, power and communications. At Tornado Trucks, our Hydrovac’s are high-performing and can quickly remove the surrounding soils on site, whilst neatly exposing the necessary groundwork. Which in turn, makes Tornado Global Hydrovac Trucks an asset to a variety of industries in Casper, including and not limited to:

  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture

The high performance, reliability and safety provided by our range of Hydrovac Trucks on all projects, has made them an unbeatable choice to companies in these industries, and many others located throughout Casper and across the state, time and time again.

Like most heavy duty vehicles of their kind, our Hydrovac Excavation trucks are called upon to endure thousands of hours of operation, under difficult conditions. Aside from operating in harsh climates, these vehicles are also constantly relied upon to operate within extreme temperature ranges, where the machine can be regularly exposed to a variety of environmental conditions, from snow and ice to mud and rain. All of these factors, over time, build up and cause wear to the vehicle which we all know can negatively impact the overall performance and longevity of even the best equipment and machinery available out there.

Which is why, to ensure that you are getting the very best performance from your Tornado Global Hydrovac truck, our Tornado Trucks team highly recommend purchasing a new vehicle. This way, you’ll benefit from the peace of mind  in knowing your new Hydrovac Excavation truck will be able to handle whatever conditions the projects in Casper throw at it, throughout its lifespan. Not to mention, your workers will enjoy the vehicle’s peak performance that only comes with new equipment, while being assured that any future maintenance has been properly and regularly completed.

Sure, the upfront price tag of used equipment may seem considerably lower when compared to purchasing a new Hydrovac Trucks, however this cost can quickly increase with the money needed to maintain equipment over the years, which is likely operating below its original performance capabilities from being exposed to weather conditions and harsh environments over a period of  time. From this, it’s easy to see the costs of down-time and repairs required to the vehicle over time, may end up costing you far more in the end.

Lease or Buy A New Hydrovac Excavation Truck in Casper

Our wide range of quality Hydrovac Excavation trucks are available to rent, lease or purchase from Tornado Trucks right here in Casper. No matter the type of  industry your business is in, our knowledgeable team can assist and help you find a brand new or used Hydrovac truck that is both highly efficient and within your budget for your next job or project. Our Hydrovac Trucks are a more reliable way to get the job done in Casper, regardless of your project’s size or duration.

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