At Tornado Trucks, our team specializes in selling, renting and leasing a range of brand new, high-quality Hydrovac Excavation Trucks throughout North Dakota. All of our Hydrovac trucks are available in excellent condition, and are perfect for meeting the needs of the construction, agricultural, mining and building industries.

If you are wanting a truck that provides the most non-invasive and efficient means of excavation, look no further than a Tornado Global Hydrovac truck. Hydro Excavation trucks use high pressure water and powerful suction to neatly expose the desired excavation area, safely eliminating the risk of disturbing underground services and quickly clearing the area. The onboard storage tanks found on the trucks hold all spoils picked up along the way, keeping the main work area on site safe and tidy. The use of Hydro Excavation saves businesses and clients in Dickinson, ND, both time and money, while decreasing a large number of environmental impacts.

With equipment weights between 8-15,000lbs less than our competitors, our ECO-LITE series of Hydrovac Excavation trucks offer clients in Dickinson the very best in hydrovac options. This also means greater flexibility and capability on the job site, combined with lower operation costs, allowing your job or project to stay on time and on budget. Whether you purchase, lease or rent our impressive equipment, Tornado Global Hydrovacs provides you with proven reliability and enhanced capacity saving you both money and time.

Our range of Hydrovac Excavation Trucks in Dickinson are used for a diverse range of projects in a large range of environments throughout North Dakota. From utility location to pier holing, to slot trenching – there are a variety of jobs our clients rely on our Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for, here are just some examples of jobs where our hydrovac trucks have an overall unbeatable track-record of performance:
Slot Trenching

  • Daylighting
  • Pier holing
  • Potholing
  • Backfill Restoration
  • Hydro excavation
  • Hazardous soils excavation
  • Coring
  • Utility location
  • Trenching

If you’re looking to complete excavation work in Dickinson ND, Tornado Global Hydrovac trucks are perfect to complete all of the excavation works mentioned above. They can be used in all different ground conditions including clay, soil, gravel, snow and ice, so no matter what your situation, Tornado Global has the right Hydrovac Truck for the job.

Our Hydrovac Excavation Trucks are employed and used in an extensive range of excavation roles in and around Dickinson, ND. They’re often bought in when dealing with sensitive excavations or around underground services like gas and electricity. At Tornado Trucks, our Hydrovac Trucks are high-performing and can quickly remove the surrounding soils and whilst neatly exposing the necessary groundwork. Which in turn, makes Tornado Global Hydrovac Trucks an asset to a variety of industries in Dickinson, including:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Utilities

The unbeatable level of performance, reliability and overall safety provided by our Tornado Global Hydrovac Excavation Trucks, has made them the first choice and a valuable asset to businesses in Dickinson and all across North America, when compared to other leading competitor’s models.

Like most heavy equipment vehicles, Hydrovac Excavation Trucks are called upon to endure thousands of hours of operation under punishing, harsh conditions. From operating within extreme temperature ranges, to being exposed to a variety of environmental conditions such as mud, rain, ice and snow. Over time, this causes wear and damage which can impact both the performance and longevity of even the best equipment available.

When you purchase a new Hydrovac Truck from our team in Dickinson, you will have the confidence that your truck has been constructed in a first-class facility using the best available materials and equipment. You will benefit from the confidence in knowing that your new Hydrovac Excavation Truck can overcome any obstacle, and any weather conditions are thrown its way. From the very beginning, you will enjoy the peak performance that only comes with using new equipment on site, while being assured that you have a machine capable of operating at a high level for it’s full lifespan.

Purchasing a second hand Hydrovac Truck may lower your initial costs, however the risk of purchasing machinery that has not been properly maintained and serviced may lead to large expenses to cover repairs, as well as the down time associated with not having your truck available.

Buy or Lease A New Hydrovac Excavation Truck in Dickinson, ND

At Tornado Trucks, we have the perfect truck available for you to rent, lease or buy in Dickinson ND. Our Hydrovac Trucks are the best way to get your job done safely and properly, so whether it’s for you’re the next big project or an ongoing job, we have the right truck to fit your needs and budget.

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