F4 Eco-Lite

Our mid-range HVAC truck, the F4 ECO-LITE has greater water and debris hauling capacities than the smaller F3, while remaining more maneuverable than the larger F5 model. The F4 strikes the right balance between high performance and operating efficiency.


The Tornado ECO-LITE series of Hydrovacs leads the industry with 26’ of boom reach and 342 degrees of rotation.  With an 8” boom hose no job is to big or out or reach for a Tornado ECO-LITE Hydrovac.


The ECO-LITE series has a completely redesigned 48”x52” hydraulic rear door that is 42” high for use with bins.  Operator safety has been enhanced with auto-locking pins.  Tornado ECO-LITE Hydrovacs are simply the safest and easiest Hydrovac to operate.


The turret has been redesigned so the operator can check the deflector plate in 30 seconds FLAT!  This is another example of how Tornado engineers with the operator in mind.  Simplified engineering is one of the reasons why Tornado is the World’s Best Hydrovac.


The Van Body on a Tornado ECO-LITE Hydrovac comes in three sizes, 70”, 60” & 42”.  Tornado van bodies are an essential part of an operators work day.  Our van bodies are available with a Tool Box, Inverter, Tooling package, Wand holders and an abundance of storage.  Our van bodies are also designed with the operator in mind so no essential part of the truck or boiler is ever out of reach.


With weight being more important, we pride ourselves in saying that the new Tornado ECO-LITE is “lighter but more filling”.  The new ECO-LITE models can weigh up to 10,000 pounds less than their predecessors.  That gives our trucks the ability to carry more debris on every load and stay ahead of your competition.


The all new Tornado ECO-LITE Hydrovacs are redesigned to carry substantially more payload. On the F4 ECO-LITE, that’s a water capacity of 1,550 US gallons and a debris capacity of 12.0 cubic yards.