At Tornado Trucks, we have a wide range of new Hydrovac Excavation Trucks available for sale, lease or rent in Newark, New Jersey. Known across all industries for being a time saving, efficient and high-performing vehicle, our Hydrovac Excavation trucks are the best available on the market, and are heavily relied upon across a variety of industries, from agricultural to oil and gas, to building, mining and construction, to name a few.

Hydrovac Excavation trucks provide the most non-invasive and completely efficient means of excavation. With the forces of both high-pressure water jets, combined with a powerful vacuum, Hydrovac Trucks loosen and then quickly remove soils, leaving the excavated area neatly exposed behind. The onboard storage tanks found on a hydrovac truck hold all spoils, ensuring the work area on site is left tidy and safe. This particular method of excavation saves clients throughout Newark and New Jersey both money and time, while decreasing an extensive amount of environmental impacts.

Most industries know that conventional and mechanical digging techniques can be both labor and time intensive. At times, they can be highly invasive and can also leave spoilage on site, which will need to be cleaned and managed. Not to mention, the costly repairs resulting from damage to underground works on these types of projects.

In Newark alone, our Hydrovac Excavation trucks are used on a number of jobs and worksites, across a wide range of popular industries as they’re designed and built to meet a diverse range of tasks and environments. From coring to slot trenching, as well as utility trenching, there are many jobs our clients rely on Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for. Some of these diverse jobs include:

  • Daylighting
  • Pier holing
  • Potholing
  • Backfill Restoration
  • Hydro excavation
  • Hazardous soils excavation
  • Coring
  • Utility location
  • Trenching
  • Slot Trenching

With the Hydrovac Excavation truck’s ability to accurately remove materials, they are able to complete a variety of tasks in addition to these mentioned above. Our excavation trucks can also be relied upon to remove earthworks such as sand, hand-packed soil, clay, gravel or ice. This enhanced feature and the versatility of our Hydrovac Excavation trucks means that even the most sensitive excavations in complicated areas, can be finished with complete confidence.

Relied upon to operate in demanding, and at times harsh environments and conditions, our Tornado Global Hydrovac Excavation Trucks are used all over the world from the Arizona Desert to the Canadian Arctic. Available to operate in extreme conditions, they can be exposed to snow, mud, rain and dirt – all harsh conditions which can cause wear and tear and over time, impact the lifespan of the vehicle’s high performance.

When you purchase a new Hydrovac Excavation truck from our experienced team, you can rest assured in knowing you’re purchasing a truck more than capable of delivering peak performance on projects right here in Newark, or wherever the job takes the truck over its lifespan. Your business will benefit from the peace of mind that comes from purchasing a Hydrovac Excavation truck from our Newark team, which is in an immaculate condition, and ready to perform for years to come.

By purchasing a used Hydrovac Excavation truck in Newark, the upfront costs will be lower for your business, but the risks in not knowing what conditions your previously owned Hydrovac Truck has been working in, may be more costly overtime than the initial upfront bargain of buying a previously owned truck. As well as this, there are several costs associated with the repair and servicing of these trucks to get them up to the initial standard and original design capabilities which would exist in a new vehicle.

If you’re unsure whether to purchase a new or previously owned Hydrovac Excavation truck, talk to our expert team today for complete guidance and assistance.

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