Hydrovac Service Throughout North America

Tornados Hydrovac service is available for all our customers throughout North America, we take pride in making the repair process as easy as possible. We provide a list of approved mechanics throughout the U.S. and Canada, or if you have a preferred mechanic we are happy to coordinate repairs with them. Tornado will occasionally send out technicians to remote locations to resolve any pressing issues.

Step 1: Call Tornado

If there is an issue or malfunction with your hydrovac truck, call Tornado’s 24 Hour Hydrovac Service Line, 403-740-2043, and explain the issue.

Step 2: Choose your Mechanic*

Tornado will then recommend a partner service provider in your area, or you can choose your own preferred mechanic. If you choose your own mechanic, the third party mechanic will send photos of the damage along with a service quote to Tornado’s hydrovac service department. Your mechanic’s request will have a response within 24 hours. Any damaged warranty parts will be returned to Tornado and new parts will be sent to your location to ensure a speedy repair.

Step 3: Get Back on the Road

Our 24-hour repair approval time ensures a quick turnaround. Parts will be shipped quickly so you’re back to work as soon as possible

General Service and Maintenance

You can find comprehensive maintenance instructions in Tornado’s user guide, or you can bring your hydrovac truck to Tornado Hydrovacs’ Service & Parts department for regular maintenance if you are located in the Alberta area. Regular maintenance helps ensure safe excavation. Remember that our Canadian hydrovacs are designed to work in a variety of climates. From extreme cold to extreme heat, regular service helps ensure that your hydrovac truck will keep working at peak performance.


Service requirements are dealt with immediately. If a part is from an outside vendor, Tornado will send it off and invoice the customer until the warranty claim resolution comes back. Before beginning any work on warranty repairs, Tornado needs a quote from your mechanic. No repairs should begin until Tornado responds with approval.

If you need to find a local dealer, contact Tornado’s Service Department . Your mechanic will be required to send photos of the damage along with the quote for the repairs. Once Tornado receives the quote, the approval process will take up to one business day. Don’t worry about your truck being out of service for an extended period, Tornado ensures that the warranty process is as quick as possible.

Repair, replacement, or credit will be at Tornado’s discretion. Tornado will not reimburse for work performed without prior authorization. Tornado reserves the right to refuse estimates deemed excessive. Compensation for lost time, wages or travel are not covered by warranty and will not be reimbursed.

*Please note when using your own preferred mechanic, Tornado’s Service Manager must deem the shop capable of the repairs.

In all our years of manufacturing and service, we have never had a malfunction with our welding. We provide a 5 year warranty for ease of mind  for our clients, and in the case of any unexpected malfunctions.

What is Covered?

The major components of a hydrovac truck are covered for one year, beginning when it’s in service*. These components include the boom, the tank, the silencers, the blower, the water pump, the boiler, the inverter, the hydraulic pumps, the engine, and the van body structure. Anything that is not welded by Tornado falls under the 1 year warranty.
*In service means once the truck is driven off our sales lot.


How Does it Work?

The customer must contact Tornado’s Service Department (24 hour phone line), and they will assess whether the warranty inquiry can be dealt with using replacement parts or if it needs an outside repair facility. Tornado requires photos to be sent for this assessment. If a part needs to go to warranty, the broken piece must be returned to Tornado. If the piece is small enough, Tornado will send you what you need immediately.


Who Can Do the Repair?

If you have a preferred mechanic, Tornado will ship the parts to their location and they will be able to do the repairs for you. If you are going to use a third party mechanic, Tornado requires photos of the malfunction as well as a quote for their services.


More Warranty Details

The warranty is non-transferrable once activated by the user. It warrants that our products shall be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions and when properly maintained and operated as directed in the owner’s manual for a period of one year. Warranty does not apply to any Tornado products that have been subject to misuse, negligence, accident or which have been altered or repaired by anyone other than Tornado.

Tornado warrants all new truck bodies and/or accessories purchased directly from Tornado for a period of 1 year from the date the truck goes into service. The warranty must be activated within 30 days of the truck going into service by calling into the Warranty Administrator to register.