Advancing The North American Hydrovac Industry Since 1984

Tornado Hydrovacs manufacture the highest quality truck-mounted equipment available in the hydrovac industry. We manufacture most of the welded components on the hydrovac trucks in house, enabling us to continue engineering more efficient designs. Every hydrovac truck is shipped with a unique wiring diagram that corresponds exactly to the options the truck was outfitted with.




Our Trucks Are Designed to Save You Money

Engineered with reduced power and fuel draw, there is less wear on the chassis and other major components.


We have optimized the flow in our tanks to reduce the load on the blower, which mean more air flow out while consuming less fuel.

Able to carry up to 10,000 lbs more debris than existing designs.

Optimized blower leads to fuel savings.

We Want to Help You Maximize Your Efficiency

Designed with a bigger tank and lighter body, our trucks require fewer trips to unload and give you more uninterrupted time on site.

The power and proficiency of our trucks will save you time and money with quicker turnarounds and less offsite trips.