Introducing Our Partners

Vacuum Trucks Sales, Service, and Rentals.
JD Brule Equipment is proud to be an Eastern Canada representative for Tornado Global Hydrovac trucks & parts.

Custom Trucks Your Aftermarket Products.
Since 1971, Custom Truck has built strong relationships with their customers by achieving the best results.

Tornado Global Hydrovacs values their customers and is proud to offer:

  • Competitive pricing on parts
  • Monthly parts specials

Our parts professionals are devoted to providing you with the right parts or tool kits for the job. No matter if you have one of our trucks or not, call us; we will do everything in our power to help you!

With our extensive inventory, knowledge, parts availability and many shipping options, whether it be courier, delivery or pick up, you will have your parts or tools as quickly as possible.

Make Tornado Global Hydrovacs your one-stop shop for all your Hydrovac needs!

Bring any make of Hydrovac truck, ours or theirs to our factory service center located in Stettler Alberta, Canada. With a combined Hydrovac mechanical experience of 40 years, you can trust we will get you on the road. Our expert customer service and repair staff are motivated to get you back to work safely, quickly, and with confidence, no matter who made your truck. Our concern is for you, our customer, above all.

Do you have maintenance, repair or warranty questions? Then you must call this number for help 1-877-340-8141 option 1; we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will assist you in getting a solution that best fits your concern.

Warranty Repair Policy
Comprehensive warranty, including the boom, tank, silencers, blower, water pump, boiler, inverter, hydraulic pumps, van body structure and welded components. The chassis warranty coverage is unique to the dealer that supplied the chassis.

Tornado will not reimburse for work performed without prior approval. Tornado reserves the right to refuse es mates deemed “excessive.” The warranty does not compensate for lost wages, travel or compensation for lost production me. It will be our sole discretion to perform or reimburse for repairs outside of the warranty period.

I am, unfortunately, not in the vicinity of your factory repair center in Stettler can you still help me?
Yes, many of our customers are too far away to take advantage of our Stettler facility. Call or e-mail us, and we can help you identify a local repair shop or recommend one of our partners.
I have a trusted mechanic, can you help them with questions?
Yes, your mechanic is welcome to call us and get support. We often help remote mechanics diagnose the best course of action in the repair or maintenance of Hydrovacs. .
I think I may have a warranty repair claim what do I do next?
Then you must call this number for help 1-877-340-8141 option 1 we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Typically we diagnose issues over the phone and ask for pictures of the affected components. If the warranty is approved, we encourage you to bring your Hydrovac to our facili es or request you provide a quote from your mechanic. Please do not proceed with any unauthorized warranty repairs; we will not honour the cost of unauthorized repairs.